Against All Odds

Some people defy expectations: Greta Thunberg, Nelson Mandela, the Jamaican bobsleigh team(!) They achieved more than anyone believed they could. Peter was one of those people – an unknown, impulsive fisherman. Against all odds, he left a legacy that we can still learn from. As unlikely as it must have seemed to those who knew him, he was the one who walked on water, saw Jesus for who he was and came back from public failure to be a leading figure in the early church. If God could use him, can he also raise us above our own expectations to achieve more with Him than we think is possible?

Week 1: Against All Odds – a defining moment

Week 3: Against All Odds – It’s You

Week 2: Against All Odds – the big plunge

Week 4:  Against All Odds – when it all goes wrong