We know the courage it takes to invite others, but we also know we have an incredible, transformational faith that’s worth sharing.

We want to equip you to reach those outside the church, to let them know that life really is better with Jesus at the centre! Save any of the pictures below to use on social media to invite a friend!

Why invite others to Church?

At the Forge we celebrate invitation, regardless of whether the person invited say yes or not. God uses other people to help us grow, and He uses us to help grow other people

Jesus doesn’t want the church to be an exclusive ‘members only’ club, so it’s vital that as we become engaged in church, we invest in the lives of unchurched people. That doesn’t mean that we treat them as projects. It means that we genuinely care about them, get to know what’s happening in their lives, and when the time is right, invite them to take an appropriate next step. In effect, to apply what we’re taught and learn inside church, outside church, and if that’s the plan, it’s about investing and inviting.

Who should I invite to church?

People who have yet to find and follow Jesus. That’s it… Job done. If only it was that simple! It’s not easy to invite, but it can be. 

We all invest in the lives of others through authentic relationships with co-workers, family and friends. However, to have the courage to invite, is to remember that this is less about us, it’s more about them. Because if church is a place where we discover a sense of hope, belonging, community, encouragement, acceptance, forgiveness, purpose, refreshment (beyond the coffee), who wouldn’t want to share that?

Who is on your guest list?
Take a moment and consider this next question Who could I invite? There might be one person, maybe more than one, but write down their name(s) somewhere – its a symbolic way of committing your prayers and time to that those names.