God Save the King

We’ve recently witnessed the coronation of King Charles III and although he doesn’t have any particular ruling powers, his role is to be inspirational – someone for us to look up to; someone whose values we should follow.  But of course, he’s human.  So what happens when the king doesn’t live up to expectations?   Well, another king, much written about, had his share of mistakes as well as successes. From humble shepherd, giant-slayer, gifted poet, mighty warrior, flawed man to legendary leader, David is one of history’s most famous kings. But more important, he was a man after God’s own heart.  So what can we learn from this great King of history?

WEEK 1: The reluctant hero

WEEK3: The Abigail Way

WEEK2: Killer Giants

WEEK4: The Great King

WEEK 5:When dreams can’t come true