Songs have the power to stir our souls, brighten our day and even bring us closer to God. There is nothing like driving on a warm summer day with the windows wound down and the music turned up. These songs can become the soundtrack to our summer; they say things we wish we could say, they even help us express the joys and the strugglers of our lives.

In August we are flicking through the back-catalogue and playing some golden oldies; ancient tunes that made it onto God’s playlist – the top 150 of their day. You wont find it on iTunes or Spotify but right in the middle of your Bible. They’re called the Psalms, a collection of emotive songs filled with everything from anger & doubt to sadness & joy.

It’s time to sample the Psalms and download the ultimate summer playlist into our lives.



WEEK ONE – 04th August

WEEK TWO – 11th August

WEEK THREE – 18th August

WEEK FOUR – 25th August

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