Transit is our youth work for those in school years 6-8 and happens every Sunday morning at 10:30am at The Family Hub, Debenham. Get directions here. 

Throughout the year we also host 2 residentials and plenty of socials because we believe that life is better connected and our aim is to help young people find genuine friends and a supportive community.  

Our morning consists of social time; where you’ll find us playing games, chilling out and building on the friendships within the group. Teaching; looking at relevant topics for young people, helping them identify how they can love God, themselves and others in their life. Hangout Groups; digging a little deeper into the subjects within our teaching time with some fantastic leaders who invest time, energy and knowledge into the lives of the young people.  

The one thing we think matters most is something Jesus said in the New Testament. When the Pharisees asked Jesus in Mark 12,  

“The greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all of your mind, soul, and strength. Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these”  



So, everything we do comes back to these three relational motives. And loving God becomes the focus of the teaching and other elements of the work we do in order to help shape a teenager’s view of God, themselves and the world. 

We would LOVE to help get you connected!  

Got Questions?

Tim is our Youth Director if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch!

Motion: School Years 9-13


Supporting young people and their families to gain a better future…. 

The Base opened it’s doors to young people of Debenham back in Septemeber 2012. For many years it has been a drop in youth club for all ages 11+ that happened every Friday night. Over the years we have seen thousands of young people come and have fun and get support when needed, but things are changing…. 

From May 2023 The Base is going to be focussing on three things:  

  • Providing a place for young people to come and be themselves.  
  • Supporting parents and families. 
  • Being a presence in school.