Have you ever been part of a joint effort? Enjoyed the feeling of that corporate success and shared the joy of an experience with others? God calls us to be in community, but more than that, he calls us to engage in a shared purpose; to be united as followers of Jesus. He knows we can thrive if, together, we commit ourselves to his cause in the form of the local church, with the services and programmes being the vehicle for reaching others. So are we willing to unite and risk an emotional, financial and time-costly journey with God?

Week 1: united in our mission

(Sunday 5.5.24)

Week 3: united by one spirit (pentecost sunday)

(Sunday 19.5.24)

Week 2: UNited as a family

(Sunday 12.5.24)

Week 4: united by love for one another

(Sunday 26.5.24)


May if Giving month at the Forge. We’re setting a bold target of £30,00. Your donations are investments in the work of The Forge. From funding essential ministries and programs to supporting outreach initiatives and community projects.For more infomation, read the booklet attached or head over to the link below…..