Wrestling With… 

Big Daddy, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Dwaine (the Rock) Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin – these boys are all famous for their wrestling prowess! Wrestling is in contrast to boxing.  Boxing is arms length conflict, wrestling is conflict, too, but involves much more contact and grappling!!

We all learn to wrestle –  with issues, difficult people, ideologies and theological interpretations.  But can we wrestle with a problem without making enemies? Grapple with issues without throwing punches? Debate without disengaging? And is there a better way?

Wrestling is good.  It’s important to wrestle.  In fact, wrestling is a part of the story of God in the Bible. The ancient name for God’s people was “Israel”, which literally means to wrestle or struggle with God. Maybe there’s some answers there…

WEEK 1: Wrestling with… God – Steve Fenning

WEEK3: Wrestling With… Division – Guest Speaker Chris Porter

WEEK2: Wrestling with… each other – Becky Warnock

WEEK4: Wrestling With… Moral Dilemmas – Jonny Abbott