Little Village is created for and focussed entirely on the very young people in our church; our 3-5 year olds. They are a very important part of ForgeKids and so each week we prepare an environment especially for them. If they have been part of our church previously then they will have moved up to Little Village from Tot Street (0–3 year olds) and as they get older they will then move up to ‘Uptown Kids’ (school years 1-5). When your child moves to school year 6 they will join our Youth Programme and attend ‘Transit’. 

As you arrive at Debenham Sports & Leisure Centre you’ll see our ForgeKids red banners directing you to our Kids environments. Our wonderful Welcome Team will greet you and direct you to our ‘Sign In’ desk. If you’re visiting us for the first time we’ll take some details from you to ensure your children are safe and have the best possible experience with us.  

From the Sign In desk you’ll be directed up a flight of stairs, to the wonderful world of Little Village! In a safe and secure environment your child will be greeted by our volunteer team. You are of course welcome to stay to settle your child, though our experience is that kids settle best if leave relatively quickly! 


Here is a Mothers’ day video some of our

LITTLE VILLAGE crew starred in…

During the hour in Little Village your child will have opportunity to play with a vast array of age appropriate toys and games, whilst all the time being supervised and entertained by our team. They will love our digital content when we join ‘Olly’ to hear a story from the bible. If they’ve previously been in Tot Street your child will be familiar with Olly and his friends and the creative ways they teach true stories from the bible. We have a new series each month and with each series we learn a verse from the bible. Your child will bring home a card showing the series and the bible memory verse for you to share with your child during the week.  During the session we will also sing, often accompanying our songs with a variety of instruments!  

We also finish each session with crafts and activities relating to the series, so most weeks your child will bring something home as a reminder of all that they’ve learn. This can be a great conversation starter for you to find out more about your child’s experience in Little village.  

Little Village is church and therefore, a place where we want your child to learn to understand that they are known and loved by Jesus and that he wants to be their friend forever.  

We look forward to welcoming all children and consider it a privilege to spend the hour having fun with them and sowing the first seeds of faith in their young lives, which we love to see grow and flourish as they learn and develop throughout their time with ForgeKids. 

Got Questions?

Emily is our Kids Director if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch!